The function of cyclone separator is an important link in the design of dust removal system. function of cyclone separator ash discharge device mainly includes ash discharge valve (discharge device), screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, bucket elevator, belt transport and dust with tank car; For the small function of cyclone separator, there are dust pockets and hand-pushed dust trucks.

The mechanical ash discharging device includes dry ash discharging valve and wet pulp discharging valve. The dry ash valve includes cone ash valve, spiral ash valve, star ash valve, double flip ash valve and double ash valve. Wet discharge valve has water seal discharge valve and sandwich discharge valve, etc.

In the design of the function of cyclone separator mechanical ash discharge device, attention should be paid to the following aspects.

(1) The ash discharge device should be able to discharge dust smoothly.

(2) It is necessary to know the status of dust discharge (dry powder or mud), ash discharge system (intermittent or continuous), dust properties, dust discharge amount and pressure at the dust outlet function of cyclone separator, etc.

(3) Ensure the air tightness of the function of cyclone separator at the dust outlet so as not to reduce the dust removal efficiency. A certain height of ash column is required above the ash discharging device to form ash seal.

(4) the amount of ash discharge device should be less than the conveying capacity of the conveying equipment. When the dry dust is discharged from the continuous humidification function of cyclone separator, the ash discharging device with uniform and quantitative feeding should be selected, such as rotary ash discharging valve and spiral ash discharging valve.

(5) Ash discharge devices that work on the lever principle, such as flash ash discharge valve and flip ash discharge valve, should be installed vertically and adjusted timely.

function of cyclone separator